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Welcome to the PPH OKSA company web site !!!

The production and trade company OKSA was estabilished in 1987 yr. and became the famous producer of the leather and resemble leather bags.
Since the very beginning of our existence our company makes products which absolutely satisfy our customers as regards functional, solidity, durability and aesthetics - there are indispensable advantages of our products. Hand cutting and sewing with using traditional machines allow us to ensure that each product of OKSA is an original handicraft.
Since a dozen years OKSA company remains in the leather products market - in spite of changes in an economic situation and successfully products dfferent products for Poland and a foreign market needs. Gaining in experience from the long time of business running our product quality is confirmed by the customers references and it allows us to wide the sphere of our customers as well to export our products to Germany and Italy.
Aside from our standard products OKSA's offer - we propose service for the individual orders from the customers. Products will be produced according to our customers needs.


Years on the market

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